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CH-110LT 40K Cryocooler Series

Standard Scope of Supply

  • CH-110LT Cold Head
  • F-40L/H, F-70L/H or FA-70L/H Compressor
  • Helium Gas Lines – 3-25 m (10-82 ft.)1,2; 3-20 m (10-66 ft.)3,4; or 10 m (33 ft.) [IDU] + 10 m (33 ft.), 20 m (66 ft.) or 30 m (99 ft.) [ODU]5
  • Cold Head Cable – 3-20 m (10-66 ft.)1,2,3,4 or 33 ft. (10 m)5
  • Power Cable – 3-6 m (10-20 ft.)1,3; 2-8 m (6-27 ft.)2,4; or 5 m (16.5 ft.) [IDU] + 10 m (33 ft.), 20 m (66 ft.) or 30 m (99 ft.) [ODU]5
  • Tool Kit

1 With F-40L
2 With F-40H
3 With F-70L
4 With F-70H
5 With FA-70

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About the CH-110LT

The CH-110LT single-stage Gifford-McMahon Cryocooler is SHI’s larger 40K Cryocooler, with a first-stage capacity of 80/95 W @ 40 K (50/60 Hz).  It features Whisper® technology for quieter operation, as well as Displex® pneumatic drive technology, limiting the number of wear parts in the refrigerator.  Based on SHI’s original CH-210 two-stage cryocooler, it operates with both air and water-cooled helium compressors.


Power Supply50 Hz60 Hz
1st Stage Capacity180 W @ 40 K95 W @ 40 K
Minimum Temperature2<15 K
Cooldown Time to 77 K2<35 Minutes<30 Minutes
Weight13.8 kg (30.5 lbs.)
Dimensions (HxD)3429 x ø184 mm
(16.9 x ø7.2 in.)
Maintenance13,000 Hours
Regulatory ComplianceCE
1 Reduced capacities when operated with F-40 Compressor.
2 Lowest temperature and cooldown time are for reference only.
3 With standard flat warm flange. (Available in other warm flange interfaces.)

Specifications subject to change without notice

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