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Process reliability and manufacturing efficiency improvements at semiconductor fabs have resulted in increased demands on cryopump systems, a key component in wafer manufacturing tools.

The service and support options available for SHI’s SICERA® and SIGNET Cryopumps and Cold Traps maximize uptime while ensuring minimal disruption to the manufacturing process.

To meet the demand of high-volume production, SICERA and SIGNET products feature:

  • An extensive exchange pool to minimize disruptions during service periods
  • A self-diagnosis function allowing the user to predict the need for preventative maintenance
  • A reliably long life on rebuilt and repaired products
  • Products rebuilt using brand new parts – we don’t salvage parts from other units
  • Technical support only the OEM can provide
  • Full factory warranty

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Our factory-trained technicians and service support members are located in strategic service centers around the globe and offer 24/7 on-call support.

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Further explore our service and support options by choosing your product type below:

SICERA® and SIGNET Series Cryopump and Cold Trap Service Options

SICERA and SIGNET products can be returned to one of SHI’s service centers for routine maintenance, service or complete refurbishment. Additional pumps, cold traps and compressors are available as “exchange units.” Simply install the exchange unit and the returned unit will be refurbished and placed “on the shelf” ready for the next exchange.

Product repairs and refurbishments performed at SHI Service Centers include:

  • Flow check of all internal parts to ensure optimum refrigeration capacity
  • Replacement of required wear items—seals, valve disc, valve stem, capillaries and displacers, when necessary
  • Performance testing to factory specification
  • Leak check, both pressurized and for vacuum integrity, where applicable
  • Replacement or repair of vacuum components—chevron, 1st stage cryopanel, 2nd stage charcoal arrays, when necessary
Compressor Service Options

Many minor maintenance tasks, such as adsorber replacement and leak checking, can be performed on-site by the customer or by an SHI factory-trained technician. If returned to one of SHI’s service centers, product repairs and refurbishments include:

  • Full diagnostic review—mechanical, electrical, flow displacement and moisture content
  • Motor capsule replacement, if needed
  • Heat exchanger replacement, if needed
  • Adsorber replacement
  • Cryogenic gas cleansing of all system components
  • Leak testing
  • Performance testing to factory specification

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