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SHI Cryogenics Group Releases Highest Capacity 77K Cryocooler to Date

New CH-160D2 Cryocooler Increases Cooling Performance by 300% Compared to Existing Models

The SHI Cryogenics Group has added a new model to its line of Gifford-McMahon (GM) Cryocoolers with the introduction of the CH-160D2 77K Cryocooler.  The CH-160D2 is SHI’s highest-capacity 77K Cryocooler to date, with a first-stage capacity of 525/630 W at 77 K (50/60 Hz).

The CH-160D2 introduces a unique design that combines the best features of SHI’s CH and RDK Cryocooler series.  It utilizes Whisper® technology for quieter operation, as well as Displex® pneumatic drive technology, limiting the number of wear parts in the refrigerator.  Its new gas-balanced valve design decreases torque and, along with its patent-pending gas-energized seal, reduces overall wear and tear.  Additionally, the CH-160D2 showcases both a new stem drive and a novel heat exchanger designed to increase efficiency. 

The CH-160D2 is ideal for several applications, including liquid nitrogen generation and liquefaction; clean energy technologies; and high temperature superconducting applications such as cables, fault current limiters, wind turbines, ship motors, and accelerator magnets.

The CH-160D2 is RoHS and CE compliant, and operates with two (2) F-70 compressors, or one (1) F-100 compressor at a slightly reduced capacity.  Both compressors are three-phase, indoor, water-cooled units available in both high and low voltage models.  All Freedom® series compressors utilize highly reliable scroll compressor capsules, have an industry-leading 30,000-hour maintenance interval, and are designed exclusively to deliver high pressure, oil-free helium to cryogenic refrigerators.

Like all SHI cryocoolers, the CH-160D2 is competitively priced and offers users high quality and proven reliability.  The SHI Cryogenics Group has the most extensive installed base of cryocoolers worldwide and supports its customers with a global service and support network of twelve offices and numerous representatives.

About the SHI Cryogenics Group

SHI Cryogenics Group, an integral part of the Precision Equipment Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., is a leading worldwide provider of innovative cryogenic solutions to the medical, semiconductor, flat panel, general coating and research industries. With offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, it has been producing quality cryogenic and vacuum equipment for over 60 years. SHI’s renowned engineering departments focus on the latest cryogenic technologies, including innovative cryocooler, cryopump and compressor designs. For additional information, visit

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