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SHI Cryogenics Group Extends Freedom® Line with New F-20L Helium Compressor

The SHI Cryogenics Group is pleased to announce a new model in its line of Freedom Helium Compressors with the introduction of the F-20L Compressor.  The indoor, water-cooled F-20L is now the smallest model in the series, and the first with a single-phase electrical supply.  It has a typical power consumption of 2.25-2.4 kW at 50 Hz and 2.6 kW at 60 Hz.

The F-20L is compatible with several of SHI’s smaller Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers and Marathon® CP Cryopumps.  It incorporates all connections on the front panel for easy access, boasts an industry-leading 30,000-hour maintenance interval and is competitively priced.  For customers with existing SHI HC-4E Compressors, the F-20L is designed with reverse compatibility.

The F-20L is available as a standalone product or as part of a complete cryogenic system.  All units include flexible helium gas lines and a detachable power cable, while an optional cable is available for customers wishing to set up remote operation of the compressor.  It is CE and UL certified, as well as RoHS compliant.  Like other compressors in the Freedom series, it utilizes SHI’s highly-reliable scroll compressor capsule, and has been designed exclusively to deliver high pressure, oil-free helium to cryogenic refrigerators. It is reliable and compact for both laboratory and vacuum operations. 

The SHI Cryogenics Group has the largest installed base of cryogenic equipment around the world, and supports its customers with a global service and support network of eleven offices and numerous representatives.

About the SHI Cryogenics Group

SHI Cryogenics Group, an integral part of the Precision Equipment Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., is a leading worldwide provider of innovative cryogenic solutions to the medical, semiconductor, flat panel, general coating and research industries. With offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, it has been producing quality cryogenic and vacuum equipment for over 50 years. SHI’s renowned engineering departments continue to focus on the latest cryogenic technologies, including innovative cryocooler, cryopump and compressor designs. For additional information, visit

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