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SHI to Appear at EUCAS 2019 Following Completion of EcoSwing Project

SHI Cryocoolers Part of World’s First Superconducting Wind Turbine

In 2015, the SHI Cryogenics Group was delighted to enter a European consortium to deliver the world’s first operational superconducting wind turbine.  EcoSwing’s implemented design used single-stage RDK-500B closed cycle cryocoolers.

Although the cryocoolers represent well-established and proven technology, there were many aspects to the project where the technology was driven to the cutting edge. Not least, the cryocoolers were implemented into a continuously-rotating environment. The successful, reliable operation proved that superconductivity is indeed a viable solution, even in this relatively extreme environment.

The EcoSwing project has demonstrated a path towards low cost, light and commercially-viable superconducting wind turbines, with the project concluding mid-2019. Please visit the EcoSwing website for more details on this ground breaking project:

The SHI Cryogenics Group actively pursues the future of superconducting magnets in areas including the next generation of Medical MRI, Proton Therapy devices, HTS and Renewable Energy. Please visit us at EUCAS (Stand 44) to talk to us about your research, or email

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