SICERA Service

SICERA® Series Cryopumps Service Options

SICERA Cryopumps can be returned to one of SHI’s service centers for routine maintenance, service or complete refurbishment. Additional SICERA pumps and CSW-61 compressors are available as “exchange units.” Simply install the exchange unit and the returned unit will be refurbished and placed “on the shelf” ready for the next exchange.

Product repairs and refurbishments performed at SHI Service Centers include:

  • Flow check of all internal parts to ensure optimum refrigeration capacity
  • Replacement of required wear items-seals, valve disc, valve stem, capillaries and displacers, when necessary
  • Performance testing to factory specification
  • Leak check, both pressurized and for vacuum integrity, where applicable
  • Replacement or repair of vacuum components-chevron, 1st stage cryopanel, 2nd stage charcoal arrays-when necessary
  • Full factory warranty

Service and Support

With product service centers located in strategic locations around the world, we can offer the fastest turnaround to our customers while lowering your shipping costs.

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