RDK Service

RDK Series Cryocooler Service Options

RDK Series Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers are high-quality, ultra-reliable designs that operate at extremely low temperatures (typically liquid helium temperatures).

Due to the unique operating environment of these cryocoolers, on-site service and maintenance by non-SHI technicians is not recommended at this time.  The most reliable approach to service and maintenance on these cryocoolers is to return them to one of SHI’s service centers.  Product repairs and refurbishments performed at SHI Service Centers include:

  • Flow check of all internal parts to ensure optimum refrigeration capacity
  • Replacement of required wear items—seals, valve disc, valve stem, capillaries and displacers, when necessary
  • Performance testing to factory specification
  • Leak check, both pressurized and for vacuum integrity, where applicable
  • Full factory warranty

We also understand that there are cases where complete removal and return of the cryocooler is overly difficult. In response, SHI also offers “Hot Swap” service performed by SHI technicians.

Hot Swap service allows for “in situ” maintenance, without the need to remove the complete cryocooler for return or replacement. Hot Swap service involves complete exchange of the cryocooler assembly, with the exception of the cylinder, which remains installed in the customer’s system. Hot Swap implies that the customer’s system is warm to allow for reliable removal and exchange.

Service and Support

With product service centers located in strategic locations around the world, we can offer the fastest turnaround to our customers while lowering your shipping costs.

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