From flexible gas lines to temperature indicators, SHI offers a wide range of accessories to complete our cryogenic systems.

Flexible & Superflex Gas Lines

All SHI systems come equipped with flexible helium gas lines.

Marathon® Cryopump Controller (MCC)

SHI’s MCC enables fully automatic operation of Marathon® CP Cryopumps.


SHI offers a complete line of cables that transmit the appropriate power from the compressor to the cold head on our standard cryocooler and cryopump systems.

SICERA® Remote Cryopump Controller

The SICERA® Remote Cryopump Controller enables fully automatic operation of SICERA® Cryopumps.

Temperature Indicators

SHI offers Temperature Indicator Kits, designed to accurately display and/or communicate critical cryopump temperatures for our Marathon® CP Cryopumps.

Service and Support

With product service centers located in strategic locations around the world, we can offer the fastest turnaround to our customers while lowering your shipping costs.

Global Offices