Research & Development

Research & Development applications vary widely around the world.  Some typical examples are nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), material property measurement, superconducting quantum interference devices (Squids), spectroscopy, dilution refrigerators, sample in vacuum, sample in vapor, superconducting motors, high temperature superconductivity, ultra-low temperature systems and other related applications.  The common theme being complete systems used to conduct various research, typically at universities, national laboratories and other laboratories and research centers world-wide.

Many R&D applications are cooled to cryogenic temperatures using advanced SHI cryocoolers.  The choice of SHI model is driven by the required temperature, cooling power, magnetic field environment, vibration sensitivity and other considerations. Some R&D applications also require a high vacuum environment, achieved using SHI cryopumps.

Service and Support

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